Production services

We can help you out if you want to release music within another project and technically work as your label. Some examples we’ve managed:

Atlas – Drottninglandet/Frida Hyvönen

Stella Nova Films – En gång i Phuket soundtrack

Music licensing services

When it comes to music licensing we try to be a creative partner, finding the right songs for audiovisual productions and/or arranging the actual licensing of this music. We have a long and good relation to all the different owners of repertoire, whether they are songwriters, artists, music producers, music production houses, music publishers or record companies

In some audiovisual productions we take care of the whole chain in other cases we solve licensing matters on a song-by-song basis.

We’ve worked on the following films and documentaries:

Vincent Paterson – The man behind the throne | Directed by Kersti Grunditz | music licensing consultant
Am I black enough for you | Directed by Göran Olsson | music licensing consultant
Solstorm | Directed by Leif Lindblom | music licensing consultant
Underbar och Älskad av Alla | Directed by  Hannes Holm | music supervisor
Upp Till Kamp, TV-series| Directed by Mikael Marciman | music licensing consultant
Fröken Sverige | Directed by  Tova Magnusson Norling |
Sandor slash Ida | Directed by  Henrik Georgsson |
Tjenare Kungen | Directed by Ulf Malmros |
Bäst i Sverige | Directed by  Ulf Malmros |
Smala Sussie | Directed by  Ulf Malmros |
Detaljer  | Directed by Christian Petri |
Nabila | Directed by  Bertas/Sundlöf/Bjerkner |
Solisterna | Directed by  Geir Hansteen Jörgensen |
Big Mike | Directed by Håkan Bertas |

Our licensing expert is Anders Engström, you’ll reach him here: anders|at|